A Weekly Review – October 19, 2012

I just came up with an idea and I’m running with it.   I follow lots of different publications with great articles I want to share with you.    If I wrote a post about each one…. well, I’d never get them all done.   Facebook is great, but it’s easy to miss something with their screwy feeds.   And there are those of you not on Facebook.  So, I think I’ll start compiling and send you a list of the best reads each week.   It’ll be a short list this week – next week I’ll compile as I read.  What do you think?

Must Watch/ Read of the Week!

Dr Oz Talks GMOs   and then read this article from Food Babe.com – GMO News of the Week

Right to Know Campaign PSA on GMOs

More Great Reads

Vote for the Dinner Party – Michael Pollan – New York Times

Being Polite vs Honoring Your Values – 100 Days of Real Food repost for Halloween (great discussion on this too)

5 Myths about Kids and Food – Fooducate Blog

Type 3 Diabetes? Insulin and Alzheimer’s  – EWG’s  Enviro Blog

Companies Commit to Making Healthier Kids Cereals Overseas…. Just Not Here  – Take Part

The “Dear Mom” Letter Series – Finding Joy


Fooducate Provides GMO Info on Over 200,000 products (along with other great info)


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