Kale & Sausage Quinoa Salad–Recipe Review

Two years ago I would have passed this recipe by.   It would have scared me.    Back then, I had never had quinoa.     I would gladly pass off the kale in my CSA box to my friend, Jeannie, who couldn’t get enough of the stuff.

Times have changed.

Quinoa is one of my favorite ingredients these days.     It’s a wonderful protein filled, gluten free grain!    I’ve used it in place of rice in numerous recipes with great success.   I’ve heard complaints that people can’t get their kids to eat it, but Grant LOVES it.

Kale is slowly becoming my friend.     It’s taken time.    I started with kale chips and it probably took 6 batches before I really started to like them.   Now, I eat ‘em like potato chips.    Kale’s worked it’s way into my smoothies and has started making main course appearances.

Last week I found this recipe posted on one of my favorite blogs – Queen of Quinoa.

Here is Alyssa’s, Queen of Qunioa,  much prettier picture:

Picture used with permission from Queen of Quinoa

I knew I had kale coming in my farm box and this just looked warm and inviting.  What the heck, I’d give it a whirl.   And the results?


This recipe not only won me over, but also my hubby, Glenn.    We both found it scrumptious and incredibly filling.     It was also a quick and easy fix, which is always a plus.   Glenn took leftovers for work the next day and said it reheated wonderfully.    I’m going try making it into a DIY frozen meal and will let you know how it turns out.

Grant, who is 5, would have nothing to do with this salad.   This is no surprise as he doesn’t like anything with combined ingredients.    He happily had a big bowl of plain quinoa and a green salad for dinner.

Get the Queen of Quinoa’s Kale & Sausage Quinoa Salad Recipe Here!

Notes on my ingredients / preparation:

  • I used Trader Joe’s Organic Multi Color Quinoa (because it’s what I had) in place of the rainbow quinoa called for.
  • Iserno’s Sausage is a favorite in our house.   I used their Italian Chicken Sausage (gluten & nitrate free)  which I had precooked and in the freezer.
  • I probably used 3-4 tomatoes  instead of the called for 2.   I had heirlooms I needed to use up, so I threw them in (is there ever such a thing as too many tomatoes?)
  • I just gave the kale a quick chop instead of the thin slice called for.    Take the time, do the thin slice.

Eating healthy often takes stepping out of our comfort zones.    This is one step out that we will be repeating often!   Thanks to the Queen of Quinoa for a great recipe!

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