Cows Eating Candy? REALLY?

Warning, I’m going on a rant here…..candy

Often times I think my kid might be one of the smartest people on the planet.   I’m partial, of course, because I’m his Momma.   But the thing is – he gets stuff about food that our politicians, food producers, and a good deal of America just don’t.

Case in point – last month’s article about cows being fed sprinkles, gummy worms and other junk because corn prices have skyrocketed.  (Did you miss it?  Click the link above to read it.)   I laughed out loud when I read this (and not in a good way).   And because I was laughing he ran in to see what was happening.   I gave him the gist of the story and I instantly got the “ick” face.      And then this response:

“Don’t the farmers know that’s not good for the cows?   Won’t it make them sick from eating too much sugar?”  Then came my favorite “Will the cows make rainbow milk from all that food coloring?”    Yes, we talk a lot about food in our house.  Can you tell?   But here’s the point, doesn’t common sense tell us not to feed animals junk food?   Even if it was organic junk food (which I’m sure it’s not), I wouldn’t be for this idea!   The thought of all those additives, preservatives and artificial colors – YUCK!

Would you feed your dog gummy worms?  I wouldn’t, and I am ashamed of the farmers that would not only treat their animals so poorly but then sell the American people the beef and dairy products produced from these animals.   That’s NOT what I want to eat, that’s for sure!   And honestly, I don’t think the farmers should be allowed to sell them.   Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way against farmers.  I respect their hard work immensely.   I know they need to feed their cows at a reasonable price – but all I am saying is that we REALLY need to help them find better options.

As an American culture, we have moved away from making our food sacred.    For the majority, it’s about what’s fast, easy and readily available.   Lots of kids don’t know where real food comes from (and there’s already a post in my brain on that one).   We have allowed what is easy to overtake what is real.   As long as we can pick it up at the store, we assume that it’s safe.    It isn’t any more.   There have been LOTS of food recalls lately – even on natural and organic foods.   We need to pay more attention.   We need to demand more of those that produce and regulate our food.

So I ask you – do you care what the cows eat that churn out the milk for your morning cereal?    I do, and this has pushed me a step further to buy all organic dairy from sources I trust.   We eat very little beef, but I can assure you that will be organic, grass fed from here on out too.

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