Challenge #3 – Eat Scary Veggies

It’s the week after Halloween, and the moldy, shriveling pumpkins on my front porch have inspired this post.     No worries, we’re not going to eat them.   But what other veggies (or fruits) do you avoid at the store because…DSC_4280

…you didn’t like it as a kid

…you don’t know how to fix it

…you don’t even know what it is

The unknown is scary.    Veggies we don’t know what to do with – yep scary.   But here’s what I want you to do.    Go buy a type of fresh produce that you haven’t had, figure out how to fix it (Google and/or Pinterest  “veggie name” recipe), cook it and TRY it.     You might be surprised.

Here are some of my new found favorites (thanks to my wonderful farm box):

Red Cabbage
Never had much to do with it as a kid.  As a grown up, not much other than slaw on fish tacos.    So when I got a full head of from the farm I was underwhelmed (to say the least).   A little research later and I had this.


Here’s the recipe for you:  Balsamic Roasted Red Cabbage

This week when I got another head I was REALLY excited.

Never touched the stuff as a kid.   It was white – shouldn’t veggies have color?    Even though I LOVED broccoli, you couldn’t get me to touch it.  As an adult I learned to tolerate it cooked in California mix frozen veggies.   Then I was sent a full raw head in my farm box.     I roasted it!   OMG – this is heavenly!

This is one of those veggies I’d heard about but never had (or at least to my knowledge).   They are a wonderful mild member of the onion family.    Tons and tons of great uses – like this simple soup recipe that came with my farm box last week.

DSC_4271This week in my farm box I got persimmons.  They sort of look like tomatoes.   Maybe I’ve been deprived (or just stuck in the Midwest), but I had to look up what these were.  I’ll be figuring out how to use them for dinner and will let you know what I did with them.

So go explore your farmers market, farm stand or grocery store and find a FRESH veggie that you wouldn’t normally buy and experiment.    I’ll be looking forward to hearing what you tried!

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