Tuesdays and a Box of Good

DSC_3889Tuesday has become my favorite day of the week.    And yes, it has something to do with food.    I get my farm box, my “Box of Good”, delivered to  my door step at some point during the day.    I’m sort of like a kid waiting for Santa.   Is it here yet?   Is it here yet?  I drive Grant crazy on Tuesdays.

My “Box of Good” is just that, a box packed full of all of the best organic and GMO free produce  that’s in season provided by the wonderful folks at Klesick Family Farm.


We we moved to Washington last winter, I had an angel guiding me to these folks.    I’ve used and loved traditional CSAs and the past but Klesick’s has taken it a step further to give you tons of flexibility AND they deliver.   That so totally ROCKS!

But when I think about it, I think I love the people behind this food as much as the food itself.   Tristan, the owner, has a passion for what he does.    He’s part of the change in the food movement.    The group of people at the farm have the same beliefs about food that I do – that it should be organic, GMO free and REAL.    It feels really good to know that the people providing my food agree with me.  It’s empowering and my  “Box of Good” is a weekly inspiration.


How pretty is this!

So my wish for each of you is to find your own farmer.     Here are some resources to help you get started.

Finding a CSA
(What is a CSA?  Community Supported Agriculture.  You buy into a portion of the farm for the season and the farm provides you with a weekly share of what  is produced.   Prices vary depending on area of the country – as will the produce provided.)

Now is actually a great time to start researching CSAs as many start selling shares in January and February.

Local Harvest – searchable database for farms, CSAs, farmers markets and all things organic close to home.

Eat Well Guide  – searchable CSA database

How to Find & Join a CSA – great article with all the questions you should ask yourself before joining.

And don’t hesitate to ask around at your local farmers market.    A lot of these people run their own CSAs.  If they don’t, they  most likely know who you should talk to.

p.s.   No promotional fee has been paid for this post.  I just really believe in them and what they do.   If you would happen to sign up with Klesick’s,  I do get a free bag of coffee. 😉

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2 thoughts on “Tuesdays and a Box of Good

    • Yes, those are bananas. Klesick’s isn’t a CSA. They are an organic produce home delivery service that does grown some of their own food, as well as source from other local farms and other suppliers. They do offer a local only box as one of there many options. I love it because I don’t have to go to the grocery for ANY produce. I think with your CSA background you’d find what they do interesting – check them out at http://www.klesickfamilyfarm.com

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