Persimmons & Pomegranate – Oh My!

You probably remember that when I challenged you to “eat something scary” that  I had persimmons ripening on my counter and was a little scared of them.    I’m a bit behind in reporting back and got a gentle nudge (thanks Michelle) to give you my thoughts.

Let me tell you – there is NOTHING about these little beauties to be afraid of!

My friend, Jeannie, told me just to let them ripen to a bright orange, then peel and eat.  That’s exactly what I did.


These are beautiful, sweet fruit and not at all what I expected.    I guess because it sort of looked like a tomato, I expected the internal structure to be more like one too.   Nope!    The texture is more like  a plum (but no pit).   And my oh, my are they juicy!

The next day I was visiting my favorite grocery store, Central Market, and what caught my eye?  The latest issue of Edible Seattle with a persimmon on the cover!


I try desperately not to buy magazines any more because I rarely get them read, and I have a small (ok – huge) issue when it comes to send food magazines to the recycling bin.    There might be a recipe I need…..

This article brought me up to speed on the persimmon.   The fruit’s tree  is native to Japan, but has become popular in the pacific northwest.     Hmm, I could grown one in my backyard (I can hear my hubby groaning).   They are several  varieties – Fuyu (what I had) and Hachiya  being the most popular in the US.    Most are seedless but not all.

Fun note:   Although not there yet, it seems most back issues of edible Seattle  are available online.


When I got both persimmons and pomegranate in last week’s farm box, I had a feeling it might be a yummy combo.   Don’t you just love it when you’re right?  I do, and I certainly was this time.   The tangy bitterness of the pomegranate plays wonderfully off the sweetness of the persimmon.


And can you say GEORGEOUS?  I love food as pretty as it is tasty.   This goes on my must have list.
No more fear of persimmons!

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