What Will Your Bunny Bring?

eggs2Can you believe that this weekend is Easter?   It’s seeming a bit unreal to me.

Easter is one of the holidays that I loved as a kid.   The candy was good – you know I’m not one to pass up chocolate –  but what I loved most was hunting  Easter Eggs.    I would do it for weeks before and after with plastic eggs.    I would hide them for anyone that I could get to search for them.   OK, so  I’ve still got a thing for it.   Grant and I have already been doing it.

On my list of fun for this week are coloring eggs and finalizing Grant’s basket.    I really wanted to create my own food based dyes this year.   But it’s just not going to happen.  Luckily that was just for fun anyways as no one in our house (besides the dog) will actually eat a hard boiled egg.   If you plan to eat them, please consider buying a kit without artificial colors or make your own dyes.

Now, onto the basket.    Please don’t just fill it with candy.    Your kids may love you for it, but do you really want to deal with the sugar crash a few hours later?  I could go on about all the JUNK that’s in mass produced candy, but this is a holiday post and I’ll keep it happy.   Please just DON’T go there!!   (ok, here’s a link to tell you why)

In my mind balance is key.    There needs to be chocolate, bright colors, fun.   Ideally something for outside, something to read, something to create and of course something to eat.

Some of my favorite basket goodies include:

For Outside
Sidewalk Chalk
Jump Rope
Bouncy Balls
Bug Nets
Garden Tools / Seeds

To Read

To Create
Water Color Set
Sketch or Coloring Book
Crayons, Markers or Colored Pencils

To Eat
A reasonably sized chocolate bunny (Gluten-Free, Organic, Fair Trade )
Trader Joe’s Organic Lollipops
Trader Joe’s or other Natural Jelly Beans
UNREAL Chocolate Pieces (like M&M’s but NO Corn Syrup, Trans Fats, Artificial Coloring or GMOs) – these are Grant’s favorites.
Annie’s Bunnies – take your pick of variety
Homemade Treats– Peanut Butter EggsPeeps (with all natural food coloring)  I hope to try both of these yet this week!
And maybe a bunch of fresh carrots with the greens still on???

To Hide in Eggs
Pennies (or larger coins if you feel generous)
1 gold dollar
Trader Joe’s or other Natural Jelly Beans
and don’t feel like every egg has to have “something in it”

I just had an awesome brainstorm.   I’m going to take the small Lego set I bought and break it up into some of the eggs.   Instructions in one, pieces in the rest.   Find all the eggs to get all the pieces – FUN!

100 Days of Real Food also has a great list of candy alternatives.

So have fun with your Easter baskets.   I’ll post pictures of Grant’s next week.  HUGS!  (just feel like you needed one today!)

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