A Sunday Surprise

I was thrilled to wake up and see the sun this morning.    The pacific northwest has only been home for a little over a year.      Even though Minnesota was COLD, we saw the sun in the winter.    Let’s just say it’s been an adjustment.

I got up early to sit  in the sun and finish a book that’s it’s taken me forever to get through.   The sun felt so good it was motivating.    It felt like a garden day.

One of the things I’m still dumbstruck by is how different the growing season is here.   I did go from zone 3 to zone 8 (those are garden zones), so it shouldn’t shock me.   But it still does.    It feels weird to see patio pots with flowers (yes, real ones) year round.    It’s even more strange to me that not only are my daffodils up (not a chance in MN) but will probably blossom by the end of the week.  My hubby even had to mow the lawn last weekend.   No kidding!

So I worked in the sun, in my garden, in a state of awe.    Because it was the first weekend in March.   Because my berry bushes had buds.    Because some of my perennials never went dormant.   Most most of all when I pushed aside a pile of leaves and saw orange!   My carrots that didn’t do much of anything over the summer had FINALLY grown!

I proceeded like a kid on an Easter egg hunt, giggling with every carrot I found.   By the time I dug them all, I probably had 4 pounds.


They are not  pretty store bought carrots.   They have personality.    They taste bright, sweet and positively yummy.

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I doubt they’ll last the day.

Happy Sunday!

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