I FINALLY found a Peanut Butter I Love!

I’ll keep this short and sweet.   I LOVE peanut butter.   Always have.   Eat it by the spoonful out of the jar kind of love.   Since I’ve switched to all natural peanut butter, my love has waned a bit.    Let’s face it, when you have to pry it out of the jar and it breaks your bread in pieces there is some love loss.   I know you’ve been there.   And don’t get me started about stirring a fresh jar – oh the mess!

Well, all of the mixed emotions are now gone.   I went into Trader Joe’s for Easter Candy earlier in the week (which by the way no Chocolate bunnies this year.  What?)  and picked up this jar to make the copy cat Reese’s Eggs I posted earlier this week.


I’m in LOVE!   There was little to no oil separation on the  top to stir in.   The consistency was wonderful – not at all grainy or clumpy.   And best of all?   I stayed that way once refrigerated.    I took this picture after it had been in the fridge a couple of days.

WP_000713Dare I say it actually reminds me of good old Jif or Skippy?   Which made me check the label again.


And it’s all good.  For those of you who prefer chunky or unsalted, Trader Joe’s has those too.

Happy Friday!   I’m off to have a PB&J!

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